Juice Jam – Juicy Challenge!

Juice Jam erapid games review

Juice Jam – Games Review

Can’t get enough from Candy Crush Saga? Well, Juice Jam is exactly what you need! It may be a typical match-3 puzzle game, which is centred mainly around fruits instead of candies, but it contains some of the most wickedly challenging (and frustrating) puzzles.

Naturally, the core mechanic in Juice Jam is of course making matches of at least 3 fruits of the same kind in a row or column. If you manage to match more than 3 fruits, you’ll get special fruits that are denoted by a white band on the fruit either vertically (column blaster), horizontally (row blaster) or crossed (x blaster). The column blaster will clear the whole column it is on and I’m sure you can guess what row blasters and x blasters will do. Matching 5 of the same types of fruit will get you a rainbow piece. Match the rainbow piece with any fruit to clear all that type of fruit from the board. Get a match-6 and you’ll obtain a magnet which will magnetize all of the same fruit type as well!

The game board is 9×8 grids but sometimes there are holes in it or obstacles to make playing more challenging. At the beginning of each level, you’re given 30 moves to play with. You are also given the objective of the level. Try completing the objective using as few moves as possible, because any leftover moves will translate into more gold coins for you and thus, upping your final score.

Juice Jam erapid games review

Like all match-3 games, basically, the premise of Juice Jam is simple. You’ve a couple of customers ordering fruit juice drinks. You have to then try completing the orders of those thirsty customers by matching the fruits they want with your limited number of moves. For example, a customer wearing a purple berry hat wants a berry juice drink. Therefore, match-3 berries to send him his drink.

In a level you have other customers ordering different types of juice or honey. Sometimes, you must match bees to get honey or match 3 fruits on honeyed squares to send the honey to the customers who ordered honey drinks. At other levels, you have to find hidden popsicles for baby penguins instead. However, before that, you have to first clear the ice as the popsicles are hidden underneath the ice.

At level 4, you even get to splat the cat. By the way, the cat boss has a name – “Valentino Litterbox”. You have to defeat the mean-looking cat by hitting it with fruits. The condition is you can only use certain type of fruits to do this. The game’s very unique this way!

Juice Jam erapid games review

Furthermore, if the game board in a level is blocked by obstacles, then you can use protein boosts to remove them. Just tap the booster and then tap on any piece of obstacle on the board to remove it. Not to mention, to get maximum score in a level, it is advisable to complete a level with three gold stars. If you run out of moves, will you can always buy more at the store.

Is your throat feeling parched already at all these mentions of refreshing drinks? Well, you can start jammin’ some juices right now by downloading Juice Jam for free! Juice jamming, it seems, is a fun as well as a very satisfying experience indeed! So, give it a go today!

e-Rapid Games: 8.5/10

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    Game 59 -how do you get the oranges from each side. There are bunches if 4 in the square. What is the trick? Thanks