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Jump erapid games review

Jump – Games Review

Looking for a puzzle game that will get your brain running? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Jump is a simplistic-looking yet challenging puzzle game by Ketchapp that will give your brain the jog it needs!

You’ll be controlling a cute little white ball in this game. By default, the ball is as restless as a hyperactive kid and will constantly be jumping at a steady pace. You can move the ball by pressing the buttons provided at the bottom of the screen. . There are left and right buttons on the left side of your screen while the ‘jump higher’ button is positioned at the right side of the screen. By holding the left or right buttons, your ball will jump across the platform steadily like a frog. You can even double tap the ‘jump higher’ button to jump even higher! By combining the ‘jump higher’ and left or right buttons, you can get your ball to leap over corners as well! The controls in Jump are very simple to learn, especially with the guide provided. After all, having a simplistic game design is the foundation of this game!

Jump erapid games review

In Jump, the level goals are very straightforward too! As long as you get your ball to the exit in one piece, you can proceed to the next level. You will also encounter levels that require you to collect a key before you can reveal the exit. Furthermore, each level you play will contain 3 stars that you can choose to collect… or not. However, if you managed to collect all the stars in every level in a stage, you’ll unlock a bonus level that is the hardcore version of the previous levels that you’ve completed. Not to mention, you’ll also earn achievements by collecting stars. There are currently 5 stages, each having around 10 levels that you can complete with more coming soon!

The game starts out by giving you simple levels for you to get your footing. After a few levels, things will begin to get really interesting as the game introduces new game elements, such as obstacles and hazards, to you. One of the earliest obstacles (if you could call it that) you’ll encounter is the shrinking platform. These platforms are uncoloured, unlike the other white-coloured platforms, and will shrink at every bounce of your ball. This will force you to plan out your moves before you start trying to solve the puzzle.

Jump erapid games review

Despite the game’s high fun factor, there are only two qualms that I have with this game. One of them concerns every player who plays this game – the pop-up ads. For every 10-second level that you complete, you are rewarded with ads. Not to mention, if you’re up against a challenging level, every death will get these ads popping up like fireworks as well. They do get excessively annoying. Secondly, positions of the controls are not very well-designed. For the mobile device that I’m using, the controls are half-hidden by the multitask bar at the bottom, making every tap a chore and well, due to this, you can expect plenty of unnecessary deaths.

In short, Jump is definitely a game that contains all the ingredients, such as great game concept and level design, which makes a puzzle game addictive and successful… if only it could fix some of the issues presented above. If you’re up for a challenge, do give Jump a try! You won’t regret it!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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