Jump n’ Shoot Attack arrives on Google Play

Jump n' Shoot Attack erapid games news

Many of us like MegaMan, the legendary platform game, and it’s nice to see that many games continue its legacy. One of them is definitely Jump n’ Shoot Attack, a fun title that brings a 16-bit  theme and an astounding, fast gameplay that you will like a lot if you are into this genre.

You will be able to collect items in order to boost your blaster gun and also obtain a jetpack, which makes the gameplay very interesting and quite unique to be honest. At the same time, Jump n’ Shoot Attack focuses a lot in bringing lots of levels, and with 16 different ones, which are quite varied when it comes to the amount of detail, there’s definitely a ton of stuff to do and explore.

Jump n' Shoot Attack erapid games news

In Jump n’ Shoot Attack you are going to find numerous leaderboards and at the same time you will also have the opportunity to get an action packed chiptune soundtrack that you will like for sure.

The touch controls that you will find with this game are very good and quite solid, so you will never miss anything because of how accurately they take you from one place to another.

The retro visuals in this game seamlessly combine with the sound in order to provide you with an authentic, action packed and exciting experience which you will appreciate for sure.

Jump n' Shoot Attack erapid games news

Jump n’ Shoot Attack costs $1.99 and you can get it right now from Google Play from the link below!

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