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JumpHero – No Stick – Games Review

Do people often tell you that you are so-called “hyperactive” and keep jumping all over the place? Or, do you love jumping so much to the point that you believed you must have been a kangaroo or a rabbit in your past life? Well, you can channel all your enthusiasm and energy for jumping into this amazing endless jumping game, JumpHero – No Stick! (P/S: Don’t ask me why there’s a “No Stick” behind the name – I’m just as curious as you are!)

JumpHero – No Stick is a free-to-play, endless jumping game that is rather fun and challenging to play, though the game is filled with a lot of adverts. The game is minimalist in style. The character is portrayed as a little black figure (he’s not a stick figure – he’s a bit more fleshed out!) while the background, although it displays a variety of sceneries, are very plain-looking as well! It’s also nice to note that the background changes every time you play, from a green hilly area to a night scene or from a desert landscape to spiky and tall mountains!

To play the game, all you have to do is to jump from platform to platform by pressing, holding and then releasing your finger anywhere on the screen. The longer you press, the more power you gain and, thus, the higher you jump. Release your finger to jump and hope that you have estimated the power and distance correctly. If you don’t estimate it correctly, then you’ll drop into a bottomless pit or ravine and die. Don’t press too long either or you will jump off the screen into the nothingness above and die as well! This is because you probably landed way beyond the maximum distance where platforms spawn.

JumpHero - No Stick erapid games review

If you think this game is child’s play, well, think again! Jumping is very challenging as the platforms are kind of narrow and of different heights. Not to mention, each time your character dies, it gives out this silly cartoonish laugh, which is kind of weird considering that it is supposed to be falling to its death.

Furthermore, there are two modes for you to play in JumpHero – No Stick, namely the easy mode and the hard mode. In the hard mode, landing on a platform successfully is nothing short of a miracle (Pardon the exaggeration, but it sure feels like that to me), because the platforms move – either up down or in a horizontal movement. This, of course, makes your task of estimating the power and the distance much more difficult. Good eye-and-finger coordination will definitely help you get a higher score.

The scoring system is simple. Each safe landing on a platform entitles you to a point. Try to get the highest score by beating your previous record! You can also challenge your friends via Facebook or twitter to beat your high score. However, there is no global leaderboard to compare your score with other players.

JumpHero - No Stick erapid games review

The background music is repetitive but I don’t mind as it sounds kind of nice and lively. As mentioned earlier the graphic is minimalist, meaning that it is crisp, clean (no clutter) and simple. It is acceptable as you don’t need eye-catching backgrounds to play this endless jumper.

Overall, I find JumpHero – No Stick to be highly addictive and challenging, to the point of frustration at times. It is simple to play, fun and completely free! Frequent annoying pop-up adverts do somewhat spoils the game, but since there is no in-app shop, I suppose I can understand the need.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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