Just Cause 3 – Total destruction in just 7min

just cause 3 - erapid video

From the moment we saw the first materials on Just Cause 3, we knew it would be an absolutely unique and hilarious experience. But, looks like we have underestimated Square Enix a bit. What you can do in this game is just beyond expectations. This way, the open world is not only a marketing declaration. Open means you can go wherever you want to go and do pretty much anything with a vast amount of things.

What is presented in this official E3 cut scene, is an insight into Just Cause 3 features as well as how sandbox gaming looks like and what Rico Rodriguez can do on the Medici island. The last includes falling with a parachute, sky diving, blowing up a gas station, taking off a statue with a tractor, driving a super sports car, walking on a plane while it flies, and many many others. The great thing is that you can mix those activities and make a destruction on many different ways, with a slightly different effect every time. Sounds great? Oh yeah!

With so many choices to take, you can be sure you’ll find your own tactics on how to free your people. Let the chaos begin?

The release date is of Just Cause 3  is set to December 1, 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.