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kelso quest erapid games review

Kelso Quest – Game Review

We are all accustomed to control characters in games, but not always do we find titles that test our skills just like Kelso Quest does. This game places us in the control of a panda bear and it requires us to pass through a dangerous environment in order to reach the exit.

Leading the panda to the exit might seem quite easy in the beginning, but the reality is that the game poses us a lot of challenges that you need to face at all times. Numerous enemies walk or fly in each level, so getting from one place to another can be really challenging, not to mention that sometimes you might want to avoid taking the power-ups and extras you can find in the game world, just to finish the level faster.

What we enjoy about Kelso Quest is that the game worlds are massive and there are lots of places to explore. The neat thing is that the power-ups are quite a challenge most of the times, and we do need to use our brain in order to find items in the environment that will help us achieve the best results.

kelso quest erapid games review

Guiding the panda bear is nice, but there is a sense of urgency as your ultimate objective is to rescue your cub from the hands of an evil monster. Despite that, you shouldn’t haste and strategize each level carefully, because each one of them has a very interesting gameplay. Not only that, but Kelso Quest successfully implements multiple environment types, and that certainly adds a new layer of challenges as each environment brings new stuff that you need to get accustomed to.

Graphically, Kelso Quest looks really nice and the game worlds are carefully crafted in order to provide us with a sense of urgency. Rest assured though that these worlds are large and filled with objectives. Sometimes you actually need to complete the objectives in order to complete the level, otherwise you won’t be able to finish the level up, and that is really neat since you do have the opportunity to explore it at your own pace, trying to get everything.  The animations are nice and so is the character design, but there are a few locations such as caverns which seem a little unpolished and do tend to take some appeal from the game.

kelso quest erapid games review

In conclusion, Kelso Quest is a very interesting exploration game that manages to encapsulate all the gameplay mechanics that you love from such games. It manages to take all of those and implement them into a very interesting, appealing package that’s suitable for kids and parents alike. Overall, Kelso Quest is a family game with lots of quests and challenges, as well as cute characters that simply can’t be missed.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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