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King of Thieves erapid games review

King of Thieves – Games Review

The evil Lord Rastin has taken over your throne as the King of Thieves and sent you to prison. Thankfully, the loyal Geffi broke you out of jail! Now that you’re free, you’ll need to work your way up the vicious ladder of hierarchy to confront Lord Rastin!

King of Thieves is a game about setting up booby traps and stealing other people’s treasures! Like in real life, the valuables in this game are highly protected and it is up to you to perform amazing feats of acrobatics to evade any danger and lay your grubby hands on them treasures! The controls are fairly simple to learn in King of Thieves. Your character runs automatically to your right. By tapping, you can make it hop from one place to another. This includes hopping up the sides of walls in a zig-zag fashion or jumping off walls to change direction!

Moreover, since you’ve just escaped from prison, you’ll need a place to live and what’s better than an abandoned dungeon? However, it’s no ordinary dungeon! It has a gold mine that replenishes over time and a magical totem that can enhance gems to increase their values. The total value of gems determines how close you are to becoming the wealthiest thief in the kingdom!

King of Thieves erapid games review

However, enhancing ritual will need some time to complete. The higher value gems you use, the longer the ritual and the longer the ritual, the higher risk of getting your gems stolen! Hence, it may be wise to speed up the enhancement process by using the game’s premium currency, orbs. After all, you can earn these orbs via completing missions later on. You can also easily replace the stolen one with a new gem and continue the ritual if your gem is stolen!

Furthermore, you’ll earn a magic item for every completed ritual that you can collect to craft outfits for your little black guy. These outfits are not for show though – they may increase your character’s health, allow you to earn more coins or have a higher chance of stealing gems from other players!

Totems are fragile in this game and after a certain number of enhancements, they will become depleted. When this happens, you’ll get to move to a new and more maze-like dungeon with new sets of traps for you to place. Don’t forget to upgrade your traps too!

King of Thieves erapid games review

To better protect your dungeon, you may also purchase dungeon upgrades like increasing the number of fake keyholes on the door of your dungeon. You can even increase the capacity of your gold mine and golden keys, which you’ll need to use to lockpick your way into other people’s dungeons before you can start the heist. You can edit your dungeon as well, but note that you’ll need to beat your own dungeon configuration twice in a row in order to save it, so you aren’t actually allowed to design a completely impenetrable dungeon!

The most fun part in this game is breaking into someone else’s dungeon to steal their gem or gold. However, if you’re not as malicious, you could always try breaking into the dungeons in the campaign instead! Failing a few times in a dungeon is allowed as long as your health bar still contains health, no matter how little. However, every death will result in less loot gained and lower chance of stealing a gem. There are also achievements that you can earn and guilds that you can join in this game.

This game sounds like fun, right? Well, download King of Thieves and start virtually stealing stuff today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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