Kingdom Rush Origins set to be released this fall

The Kingdom Rush series is by far one of the most popular and appreciated tower defense games that have been released recently. The one of a kind gameplay and numerous new elements brought to the genre created an instant hit that is still installed on many mobile phones all over the world. The developers at Ironhide Game Studio showcased a new trailer and images a few days ago saying that they are going to launch a new title in the fabled franchise, simply named Kingdom Rush Origins.

Unlike the previous games, this one will come with an origin story where they will showcase from where exactly did the enemies come from and so on. Up until now, almost no content has been released, yet from the artwork we can suspect that the game will look even more amazing.

the kingdom rush origins erapid games news

Rumors say that the game is going to have even more levels than the previous titles, so expect to go through a plethora of levels! Alongside that, it seems that there will be new characters within the game as well, which will make the game even more impressive and appealing.

Everyone that has played the Kingdom Rush games at least once should be very excited for this game. The new graphics, combined with a one of a kind story should certainly appeal to new and old players alike. We suspect that the game is going to bring a much darker theme, as far as we can see from the artworks, but this is certainly questionable.

If you want to find out more information about the Kingdom Rush Origins stay tuned to our site as we will tell every bit of info that might surface from the Uruguay based developer. Rest assured though that Kingdom Rush Origins has all it takes to receive the crown of tower defense game on mobile.

You can check out the trailer below: