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Kiwi Wonderland erapid games review

Kiwi Wonderland – Games Review

Have you ever wanted to do something that you know you just cannot do? Well, in Kiwi Wonderland, the poor kiwi bird wanted to fly… and we all know that kiwi birds cannot fly. However, the kiwi bird “dream the dream” and managed achieve its lifelong desire to fly in Kiwi Wonderland!

Kiwi Wonderland is a rather unique endless running (or rather flying) game that is easy to play, fun and sometimes challenging. Although there are quite a lot of endless runner games nowadays, this game adds a notch up the endless runner genre by having a very catchy tune and an adorable kiwi bird to add some flavour to its addictive gameplay.

For controls, the kiwi bird will automatically fly or run forward. You’ll just tap on the screen to keep the kiwi bird up in the air or even make it jump along the many platforms conveniently placed. Simple isn’t it? As you soar through the dream-like landscapes, you’ll need to collect as many coins and green energy bubbles as you can before you “wake up” (that is by plunging your long beak to the ground below!). Once you’ve collect enough of the green bubbles, you will enter hyper mode and zoom up into sky for an awesome bonus coin collecting round!

Kiwi Wonderland erapid games review

There are also different types of obstacles to avoid like birds, spikey platforms, hanging barriers and even puffer fishes… Yes, in the dream world, puffer fishes can fly too! Other types of hazards in the air are Red Cruising Birds, Green Zooming Birds and the Superfast Arrow Birds. Guide your kiwi bird to avoid or stomp on the other mean birds to get some extra distance added to your final score! Furthermore, every score you get contributes to your bird’s level and every time you level up, your score multiplier will increase. In other words, you’ll gain more gold coins!

Moreover, there are even missions for you to complete too! Each mission requires you to complete certain distances with or without boosters, collect specific amount of coins or head stomp certain number of birds. After completing a mission, you get to unlock different types of boosters. For example, there is a flapper light craft (helicopter) booster, a jumbo jet booster, kiwi-copter and egg runner. Let’s say when you grab a jumbo jet booster while playing, your kiwi bird will end up as the pilot of the jumbo jet. You can use it to ram and smash through all the obstacles along the way. If the jumbo jet has sustained enough damage, the booster will be gone and the kiwi bird will have to fly on its own wings. This is the same with the helicopter booster. Of course, the jumbo jet can take more damage as compared to the flapper booster.

Kiwi Wonderland erapid games review

Not to mention, at each game restart, you will find yourself in a different background or landscape. This random cycling of background sceneries makes each playthrough feel fresh and exciting. This is definitely another plus point for this game! Let’s not forget that you can challenge your friends and try to achieve maximum flying distance in this game too. You can acquire achievements as well in Kiwi Wonderland!
Last but not least, the in-app store in this game offers plenty of items, such as revives, boosts and lives that you can buy with real money. You can even change the look of your kiwi by spending the coins too!

All in all, Kiwi Wonderland is a super-addictive endless flying game that is definitely worth your time! Try it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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