Kritika: The White Knights receives a new update with a Demon Blade character

Kritika: The White Knights erapid games news

Kritika: The White Knights is an overlooked action RPG for mobile that has tried to make an impact but until now the fact that it’s very similar to the other titles on the market has diminished the attention for it. This is why the developers want to enhance the game and bring some new ideas, something that they might actually manage to pull off with the help of a newly created and very interesting character.

The Demon Blade is a very interesting, albeit a little scary swordsman that is focused on melee action. This character brings to the table a whole new set of fast, unique sword attacks as well as numerous other melee advantages that makes it stand out during the gruesome fights.

Kritika: The White Knights erapid games news

Kritika: The White Knights manages to get a little more life with the introduction of the new character, mainly because the sword that this character possesses is cursed, something that manages to add up quite a lot of interesting ideas into the mix.

All attacks that this character can perform are upgradeable, which means that it won’t be long until the character reaches its full potential.

Alongside the new skills, the upgrade also provides a variety of other interesting things, such as tweaks to the current attacks, a few minor performance improvements as well as a variety of other things. At the same time, the developers have hampered with the other characters such as the Dark Valkyrie and the Berseker, making them a lot better while playing, as they have new stats.

Kritika: The White Knights erapid games news

Overall, the new update for Kritika: The White Knights surely manages to bring a lot of new incentives to come back and play the game. This is the perfect time to come back again and play Kritika: The White Knights, and even if you never played it, you will have a ton of fun with it for sure!