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Lada Drifting – Games Review

We all know Lada as being a car manufacturer, and few of us actually imagined that we could play a video game based on it. Lada Drifting is a very interesting game because it’s the only one in which we can control our favorite car in some neat, challenging drifts that take place on organized courses.

lada drifting erapid games review

The game allows you to create your own Lada and put it to the test in one of the multiple tracks that are available within the game. The main goal here is to put your skill to the test from both a building and driving standpoint. In our opinion, this is one of the best experiences you can get from driving a virtual Lada. Additionally, we also liked the fact that you can remove numerous parts of the car’s body, which means that you can easily get rid of things such as the exhaust, rims, spoilers and bumpers. It’s very interesting to see how these modifications that you make to the whole body of the car can impact its performance.

Moreover, the performance modifications are also our favorites, because thanks to numerous upgrades such as suspension, body weight and engine tuning, we can easily modify our Lada into something that we never dreamt of having and driving. There aren’t any customizability problems, since you can add and modify the paint according to your needs, instead all the game does is offer you freedom in regards to the look and behavior of the car.

While the customization side is really fun and interesting, what makes Lada Drifting well worth your time is, of course, the driving experience. Here you have the opportunity to test your racing and especially your drifting skills as you explore quite a large game world filled with challenges.

We found the drifting in Lada Drifting to be very good, and quite realistic, depending on the modifications that you make to the car. As you progress through the drifting experience you can earn money that might be used to upgrade your car’s body parts, performance on paint depending on your needs.

lada drifting erapid games review

The graphics in Lada Drifting aren’t spectacular, but they do work great and offer a wide variety of backgrounds. The car models should receive a little more work, and so should the backgrounds, but other than that Lada Drifting does look quite good for a mobile game and that is all that matters in the end.

In conclusion, Lada Drifting is a challenging and unique game. It might not be the best drifting game on Google Play, but if you want to drive a Lada on predetermined tracks and built it according to your needs, then this is a very good game for that. You should try and download it right away in order to check it out, because it’s worth it for any racing fan.

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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