Languinis: Match and Spell combines match 3 and spelling on Google Play

Languinis: Match and Spell erapid games news

Most of the time you will see matching games or spelling titles being as different entities, but thankfully there are some games which are not afraid to try out different things, and that’s exactly what we have here with Languinis: Match and Spell. This is a game that seamlessly combines the match 3 element which is very popular in a variety of games, but at the same time it also manages to add spelling features, something that is indeed really cool and exciting.

Matching colors in this game is very fun, and the title does manage to offer a stellar, exciting addition into the mix, one that you will appreciate. With Languinis: Match and Spell you can easily match the tiles in order to uncover new objectives, locations and so on, while also having a lot of fun all the time. You get 12 hand drawn islands and 50 levels of pure fun in Languinis: Match and Spell, as well as a ton of power-ups and numerous rewards that you will definitely enjoy!

Languinis: Match and Spell erapid games news

The game is quite difficult to master right from the start, but it does come with some pretty nice and exciting levels which make the whole experience well worth your time. You also get daily rewards if you log in, and at the same time the title does a great job when it comes to seamlessly syncing content between devices.

You will surely enjoy the fact that the game has some amazing graphics, and that there are some cute characters there which will interact with you, making the whole world feel more cohesive and welcoming.

Languinis: Match and Spell erapid games news

Languinis: Match and Spell has just been launched on Google Play, so we encourage you to give it a try, this is definitely a game that you do not want to miss, so go ahead and give it a shot, you can download it from the link below.

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