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LC relic run erapid games review

Lara Croft: Relic Run – Games Review

Lara Croft, the renowned archaeologist-adventurer, travelled to the South-East Asian after the sudden disappearance of her colleague and friend, Carter Bell. She is attempting to track down Carter while the trail, which in this case, is the relics that Carter worked with, is still warm. She is determined to find her friend and get to the bottom of this… one way or the other!

Lara Croft: Relic Run is an exciting endless running game by Square Enix that allows you to play as Lara as she runs through the thick jungles of Cambodia in search of the relics that her colleague has so treasured, hoping to find some clues as to where Carter went!

The controls are fairly standard of any running game. This includes swiping left or right to change lanes (there are 3 lanes for you to move around in), swiping upwards to jump over obstacles and swiping down to duck under obstacles. However, occasionally, you may encounter something different. For instance, there will be times when the path in front of you is gone. You will then need to swipe sideways to let Lara do a cool wall run! For gaps that wider, when you swipe upwards, Lara will, instead, perform a much cooler parkour in slow motion! Awesome, right?

However, like all endless running games, you have to keep a vigilant eye out for obstacles, especially overhead branches when you’re jumping, columns that litter the path as well as dead ends. Sometimes, you may also find yourself face-to-face with a vicious swinging blade. Time your lane-switches perfectly to get through the blades unscathed! There will even be times when Lara’s amazing skills with her signature dual pistols will come into play! Enemies may pop up on the sides and when they do, the game will be slowed down (slow-mo), whereby you can tap to shoot at them with your gun/s. When you have enough money, you can easily buy new weapons or upgrade your current ones so you can deal more damage to the enemy!

LC relic run erapid games review

While you’re busy avoiding obstacles and shooting at enemies, you mustn’t forget the main reason why you are there running in the first place – that is to collect Carter’s relics! To do so, you’ll need to collect clues that are placed on the path by running over them. Each clue you collected will be added to the meter at the top left corner of the screen. You may sometimes get a multiplier bonus which boosts up the meter-filling rate. Once the meter is filled, you’ll earn a random relic.

There are up to 20 relics for you to collect, such as Naga’s Eye, Kinari Rain Drum, Pelesit Urn and Bajang Charm, in the first episode and when you have 15 out of 20, you can then unlock the next location, Desert Ruins. So far, the game contains only 2 active episodes, with one more, Mountain Pass, coming soon! And oh, don’t forget to collect the coins as well! They are important for buying boost upgrades and a variety of weapons and equipments. You can also purchase cool outfits for your Lara and resurrection ankhs using the game’s premium currency.

LC relic run erapid games review

Getting good at the game, I see? Well, challenge your friends and see how well you rank among your friends! You can also mess with them by sending curses to them too! Besides ranking, there are plenty of achievements for you to earn as well!

In short, Lara Croft: Relic Run is an extremely fun endless running game that fans of the Tomb Raider series would surely enjoy! Play it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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