Last Voyage on App Store

Last Voyage erapid games news

Monument Valley has managed to make quite an impact a little while ago in the world of puzzle games for mobile, and Last Voyage is here to continue that trend.

In this game, which has recently been released to the iOS app store, you will enter an intricate, yet very appealing adventure that takes place in both space and mind. There are 5 chapters that you can peruse as you see fit, but the best part about the whole experience is that the psychedelic appeal is something that you can rarely find in such games.

Not only that, but if you combine the ideas with abstract mechanics you will get something even more extraordinary. This is what Last Voyage tries to do, and while not all of the gamers will understand it, this is definitely one of the best and most exciting experiences that you can barely find in the mobile gaming world for sure.

Last Voyage erapid games news

We have to say that the game design here is extraordinary, albeit its minimalism. But that’s what makes Last Voyage so interesting for us, the fact that you can do so much with so little.

For a very long time, many thought of Last Voyage as being the successor of Monument Valley, but this is much more than that, instead it’s a lot more varied and diverse, something that gamers will definitely enjoy a lot in this regard.

Last Voyage erapid games news

The release of Last Voyage marks another entry into the exciting and fun puzzle games we can find on the App Store, a trend that hopefully will continue, considering how good these games really are! You can check out Last Voyage at the link below!

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