Lava Runner – Hot, Hotter, Burns!

Lava Runner – Games Review

Do you smell something burning in here? It is perhaps the mining lantern… or a lighter? You are dead wrong – It is bubbling lava creeping up the mining shaft and it’s aiming for you! It’s time to hightail it out of the mines in this exciting game, Lava Runner!

Lava Runner is a thrilling vertical platform game for both Android and iOS. In this upward-running adventure game, you have to help Jonah the Miner run and climb away from the boiling-hot lava before it gets too close to him and burn his bum! While you’re busy helping Jonah save his skin, you shouldn’t forget to snatch and grab as many different coloured crystals as you possibly can to rack up that high score!

To do anything in Lava Runner, all you need to do is to tap on the exact location on the screen. For instance, if you want to collect crystals or climb up a ladder, just tap you finger on the ladder or on the crystals. However, you should be really careful of your decisions as you may not even have enough time to truly consider your options. Who knows? There may just be wild animals on the platform right above you, waiting to pounce! So, time your ascend and avoid those critters. You’ll also have to beware of earthquakes and tremors which will hamper your efforts to climb up any ladder.

Lava Runner erapid games review

In Lava Runner, there are two sources to gain points, namely the height of your ascend and the number of crystals you’ve collected. Collecting crystals is a dangerous gamble as they are usually located far away from the ladders. Most of the time, you have to go the opposite way to collect a crystal, then turn back to scale up the ladder. This is of course a very life-threatening (for Jonah) business indeed! You have to decide which is more important to you – to gain height or to grab crystals. In fact, death due to wrong judgement is so common in this game that you’ll probably lose count!

Once you get a high score that you can be proud of, feel free to brag about it on your many social sites, such as Twitter or Facebook, and smugly let your friends know that you’ve beaten them! Hey, you’ve put in the effort and now, you at least deserve some credit! Graphically, the colours in Lava Runner are vivid and reflect suitably on the environment of the game. I particularly like the kind of funny sound effect each time Jonah screamed as the lava inevitably reached him… not that I’m a sadist or anything.

Lava Runner erapid games review

In short, this is an endless upward running game is quite frantic as you don’t have much time to think. It is a heart-stopping and challenging game, though the gameplay is pretty much the same in every gameplay and can get rather mundane. Thankfully, there’s even a new patch coming soon that will introduce another item, legendary artefacts, for you to collect while playing. This is will definitely spice the game up further and perhaps take some of the mundane out from the game.

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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