Lets play King’s Quest Chapter 2

kings quest chapter two erapid video

With Christmas nearly there, we couldn’t leave you without a decent video review! And no, it’s not a big title, it’s rather small this time, but still worth mentioning. We are talking about King’s Quest and its recently released chapter – Rubble Without a Cause.

For those who wonder, King’s Quest is a collection of chapters, five to be precise. As a ruler, you’re given choices, upon which depends the future of your kingdom. Not only this, you also have a granddaughter to teach – Gwendolyn and it all gets quite complicated and confused, as goblins try to invade the kingdom, so you have to do your best not letting it happen.

What we like about this game is its sense of humor, extra-ordinary story-telling and interesting puzzles. If you still don’t know what to play during holidays, give King’s Quest a try! 😉

Have fun watching King’s Quest Chapter 2 by Stampy!