Life is Strange – Episode 2 by PewDiePie

life is strange erapid video

For the most games it is the release date that is the most excited. In some cases, it can be the DLC, and in some – the episode’s release. Life is Strange is surely in the last group, as it consists of five episodes, and the 2nd one was released on 24th of March!

If you don’t know this game, it’s basically about a photography student – Maxine Caulfield,  who found out she has a magic power to turn back time. Who wouldn’t like to have such power? Surely not me :) But, every action has its consequences and even if something seems right at this very moment, it’s hard to predict what the future will bring. Max has a few problems to deal with and they aren’t quite easy. Her friend Chloe is considered a trouble-maker and other girls from school can be very mean.

Life is Strange has a special atmosphere, and although it’s the story line that’s the most excited, this game has a very beautiful graphics too. Episode 3 “Chaos Theory” will be available shortly, in May!

Overall, the reviews of the game were very positive, and the fact that PewDiePie really loves it, proves this game is worth a shot! 😉