Limbo – dark and frightful worlds

limbo erapid games review

Limbo – Game Review

While most of the games nowadays tend to always keep the same themes and bring only a few new ideas, there are however, some indie gems that aren’t afraid to innovate and come up with something one of a kind. This is the exact case of Limbo, a puzzle platformer which is quite short, however it brings a unique and beautiful story which will entice you to play until you finish it. The game successfully manages to put together a great sense of aesthetics with innovative gameplay and sounds.

limbo erapid games review

The graphical style in Limbo is really neat, as you explore a black and white world with lots of perils. The level design is top notch, despite the limitations imposed from the black and white graphics. The environment is quite bizarre, but it really works as you will explore the world in various ways that you couldn’t imagine.

In Limbo you play the role of a young boy whose sole purpose is to find his sister. However, she somewhat went to the end of a huge, large labyrinth that is full of puzzles and intricate locations. From huge forests with lots of creatures to a barren industrial zone, all of these come with numerous puzzles. While at first the puzzles might seem quite easy to solve, their difficulty quickly ramps up and in the end you will have a hard time trying to solve the end game puzzles which are, of course, very hard.

limbo erapid games review

You die a lot in this game, as there are traps, spikes and numerous other sharp objects everywhere in the world, something that surely ramps up the difficulty of the game. The platforming element in Limbo is really good, and in the end even if you do die a lot, you will be one step closer to your sister. The good thing is that even if you die, you will restart in the exact same place where you are encountering difficulties, so it’s all about trial and error in the end.

The sounds aren’t only as a background, they are actually implemented into the puzzles, as sometimes you need to listen to the sound effects if you want to get the clues needed to solve a certain puzzle. There are some ambient noises in the title, but other than that it doesn’t come with a soundtrack.

In conclusion, Limbo is by far one of the most atmospheric games that you can find on the mobile platforms. Yes, it might end up too soon, but it does offer a one of a kind experience that will certainly amaze you for sure. If you are passionate about platform games and you want something to connect to, then Limbo is definitely well worth your time!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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