Little Things Forever

little things forever erapid games review

Little Things Forever – Game Review

There are many times in our lives when we just feel like a kid, when we think that things should be simpler. On top of that, many of us just feels that being a kid nowadays is more awesome, thanks to the multitude of toys and high tech gadgets. Little Things Forever is a game that allows us to take full advantage of our childhood fun since it provides an interesting, unique environment that we can adhere to whenever we want!

Little Things Forever allows you to use that nostalgia in order to complete some small, yet beautiful missions. One of the main gameplay choices that you can make in Little Things Forever is that you use the fun hide and seek gameplay in order to find the animals and other things that you love, then you can also try to improve them in one way or another, depending on your wishes.

Little Things Forever erapid games review

Although many people might say that this game is simple and not worth your time, we beg to differ. Sure, the gameplay is a little simplistic and the price might be a little high for what it offers, but in the end, being able to relive the childhood days and take full advantage of that nostalgia in order to find thousands of small things that are scattered all over the game world make the whole experience unique and well worth it.

Little Things Forever comes with a stellar soundtrack and because of that most of the time you will find yourself playing just to listen to these amazing tunes. Then, we get the incredible hand drawn art which is found all over the game, in the menus, gameplay sessions and so on. Everything looks so well and it’s really crisp, so you always get that stunning, one of a kind and unique experience as you play.

Little Things Forever erapid games review

As a bonus, Little Things Forever is retina ready, so it can be played on high resolution devices without any visual tear, something that we do find to be a great bonus.

The game comes with a random generated list of items in each level, so you will always find something new since no two gameplay sessions will be the same.

Overall, the game includes around 150 puzzle pieces which, in our experience, are more than enough to provide you with fun for a long time. It’s also important to note that the game is offering you new levels continually, so there’s always a reason to come back to it! From what we experienced with the title, Little Things Forever is a stellar game, and it’s one that you will definitely enjoy if you like a simple drawing title for you or your kid!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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