Lonk’s Awakening launches on the iOS app store

Lonk's Awakening erapid games news

Nowadays, hardly anything can impress us, but there are a few things that to manage to bring a very interesting perspective on the gaming world. This is exactly what Lonk’s Awakening manages to do, since it successfully manages to combine none other than the Legend of Zelda and Flappy Bird into something that is fully playable.

We play the role of Lonk in this one, and all we have to do is to get our sword as well as eliminate all opponents. It might sound easy, but rest assured that’s not the case. Just like Flappy Bird, this game is insanely hard, and it does require quite a lot of attention in order for you to get the best outcome. It’s nice to play as well, but you do need to be very good when using the touch controls, otherwise the game might end up finishing a lot faster than you imagine.

Lonk's Awakening  erapid games news

Of course, since Lonk’s Awakening is created by a third party developer, there is not real connection toe Zelda other than the aesthetics, but you do actually feel like in a Zelda game, and the stunning feel you get while playing is just amazing to be honest. The game brings you the ability to explore a massive castle that does have an end, but maybe the best thing about the whole experience is that you will actually manage to enjoy all the great stuff coming here, because walls, enemies and challenges combine to bring in a ton of fun.

Lonk's Awakening  erapid games news

Lonk’s Awakening is free on the iOS App Store, and you can download it right now from the link below, so you will enjoy some Zelda themed madness quite a lot. Don’t hesitate and check it out!

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