Lost Within, a game created by Amazon Studios lands on the iOS App Store

Few people know this, but alongside the fact that it’s a massive retailer, Amazon actually creates its own Android games through the Amazon Game Studios brand. However, these games are mostly focused on the Android and Amazon tablets, with few titles going outside these platforms. It seems that the success of Lost Within, a horror game, has managed to push the title towards an iOS release, and we have to say that the game is really nice.

What makes the Lost Within game so interesting is the fact that it was created by the developers of Prey, and it manages to place you right in the middle of a haunted asylum where you need to survive as you get attacked by the monstrous inhabitants.

Lost Within erapid games news

In Lost Within, you will need to focus on confronting a killer with a scary reputation in the world. Aside from the survival horror element, the game also requires you to scavenge and craft items in order to escape the premise, but at the same time you also have to use some interesting tactics in order to sneak in this hall of horrors.

Since there are many doors but a single way out, it can be a little tricky to finish up the game as you would expect, Still, this requires you to strategize in order to stay alive, and in the end this is the most important thing.

Lost Within erapid games news

This game it’s a blast to play for sure, and the price of around $6.99 is more than justified considering the high quality of the game. We encourage you to check the game out, it’s one title you do not want to miss. You can get it right now from the iOS App Store, by following the link below.

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