Lumi – save world from darkness

lumi erapid games review

Lumi – Game Review

When you feel bored or just want to have a little fun, you embark on an adventure. Playing an adventure game can be a rollercoaster ride, filled with passion and emotions, and that is exactly what Lumi is offering.

Right from the start you are able to see that Lumi offers a large, impressive and highly immersive game world in which nothing is as it seems, and because of that the title does manage to shine.

lumi erapid games review

Despite its magnitude, the game world is very colorful, which means that you will always find more and more locations to explore. Sure, some of them are a little repetitive sometimes, but overall these are varied and they are a delight to explore.

Lumi however doesn’t provide only a large game world to visit, it brings a whole experience. As you go through the game world, you will see that there are numerous missions to complete and things to do, in fact the title cleverly uses all of the items that can be found in this game in order to bring you an immersive, impressive and most of the time quite amusing experience. It doesn’t hold your hand, which is a little surprising considering that this is a game which is mostly targeted towards children, but the experience that you get is one that requires you to use your brain in order to get further.

lumi erapid games review

Lumi brings some interesting puzzles, which do allow you to use all of your critical thinking skills. The controls are touch based and highly interactive, which means that each experience is new and simply stunning. Overall, what you do want is to ensure that you complete these puzzles in the best possible way. Sure, at first you will see that puzzles seem simple, but as you progress you will definitely be astounded in regards to how hard these can be. Being progressively hard is definitely something that you would expect from this game, but overall the title does a stellar job in showing you some great game mechanics without holding your hand.

The game has a neat set of graphics, and it makes great use of the abstract idea. The overall result is a little odd for some people, but it does manage to become immersive and interesting, so it brings some neat ideas overall.

To sum up, Lumi is a short journey, but it’s filled with numerous surprises, enough to keep you going through the whole experience. It doesn’t hold your hand at all, but it does manage to provide you with an experience that is good enough so you will repeat it over and over.

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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