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Mad Dragon Defense erapid games review

Mad Dragon Defense – Games Review

A king with a death wish tried to get a sleeping dragon’s attention by throwing stones at the dragon’s head, so he can “get” the dragon to obey him. Obviously, being the almighty dragon, you cannot just brush this insult aside! With a mere cough of a fireball, you killed the arrogant king. Now, you have to defend yourself from the soldiers the kingdom send you in return!

To start the onslaught, you’ll first need to know how the game works. The dragon that you’ll be playing has 4 different heads. Each head possesses different elemental powers and are good against a particular type of troops. For instance, the head with the elemental power of ice can pop balloons used by the humans’ “flying units” with its ice lances or even freeze units, while the head with the fire power spits out fireballs that can take out multiple land-based enemies at once.

There is also a head, which can shoot out a laser-like deathray that works best against armoured and shielded targets, and another head with the power of thunder that is best used against single flying targets, especially against wasps. The heads will eventually be “awakened” from their slumber, so that you can control them all… though this makes the game so much tougher to play!

Mad Dragon Defense erapid games review

To shoot your fireball, deathray, ice lances or balls of lightning, what you’ll need to do us to press on the specific dragon’s head, drag and hold to aim, before releasing your hold. After every shot, you’ll need to wait for the head to “recharge” its elemental fuel. When it’s ready to go, the circle of dashes around the head will turn white and the glow in the dragon’s eye will become brighter. Do take note that you have limited mana to use and when you ran out of mana, you’ll be practically sitting duck. So, make sure every shot counts! Furthermore, as the humans send more troops after you, you’ll then need to aim a lot quicker and accurately as well as rotate between the heads that you control so you can make the best out of the cooldowns in between the dragon heads.

By killing the troops the kingdom sent you, you’ll earn souls. Souls can then be used for upgrades for your dragon! Upgrades in this game are designed like skill trees and each dragon head will have their own skill tree. Each level of upgrade can be further improved on for several ranks as well. Upgrades may cost a lot to purchase, but they can improve the power of your blows and even reduce the damage your dragon sustains. They are indeed worthwhile investments! Also, take this advice if you need more souls for upgrades – since playing campaign levels doesn’t really earn you a lot of souls, the best way to earn a lot of them at once is by completing missions (achievements).

Mad Dragon Defense erapid games review

Besides upgrades, you can also outfit your dragon with various pieces of headgear, armour and even wings! However, these items are very expensive. Moreover, with premium currency, you can purchase various runes to help you defeat the pesky humans much easier as well as gaining substantial perks, like 30% more mana or 30% extra life.

In short, Mad Dragon Defense offers very unique gameplay that is perfect for fans of tower defence. So, don’t wait! Teach humanity a lesson in humility today with Mad Dragon Defense!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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