Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire – Show Your Spell Power

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire erapid games review

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire – Games Review

Wanted – a wizard for hire who can cast spells at an amazing speed and accuracy to defend the kingdom from invading robot knights! Will you join the ranks of the tens of thousands of wizards who are already on duty in Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire?

In this game, what you need to do is to cast your spells by drawing out the magical symbols on the balloons that the enemies are using to descend into the kingdom! You’ll need to successfully draw out the correct symbol before the enemy lands or all your efforts will be for nought! Once your drawing is complete, the balloon of that particular enemy will be popped by your spell and the enemy knight will fall to its death.

As you progress in the game, the spell symbols that you’ll have to draw out will gradually become more elaborate and difficult. This is especially true for the special robot knights, like the purple knight. This game will test your skills in drawing out your spells accurately and rapidly to their limits. Thankfully, with plenty of practise, drawing these weird-looking symbols will soon become second nature to you and you can start racking up some seriously high “high scores”!

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire erapid games review

To make the game even more challenging, there will be some super-tough balloons later on that will require multiple spells to pop. There are also flying treasure chests that you’ll need multiple casts to unlock. Once unlocked, these chests will reward you with bonus coins. It’s really easy to earn coins in this game once you get the hang of the gameplay!

With so many coins hidden in that pouch you had on your belt, what can you do with them? Well, you can spend them to unlock cool power-ups, such as lightning bolt, inferno, bomb towers and frogs (yes, frogs… the must-have companion for every wizard or witch) to further aid you on your quest to attain an even higher score!

One of the earliest power-up that you can unlock is the slow mo power-up. After being unlocked, the power-up will randomly appear on your screen while you’re playing the game. When the option to cast this power-up pops up, you just need to draw the associated special symbol to actually cast the slow mo spell. This is a really useful power-up to use when you have too many enemies to handle or when you encountered a new complex symbol to draw.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire erapid games review

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire also provides a slew of achievements that you can strive to acquire as well as a leaderboard for you to compare your high scores against friends or other players in the game. Furthermore, being a game developed by Nitrome, you can definitely expect a game with a cool retro theme and absolutely no pay-to-win features. In fact, if you like the game and want to support the developers, you can spend some real money to remove the ads in the game instead!

In a nutshell, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is an extremely addictive game, which has a very simple yet intuitive concept that everybody, no matter their age, can grasp! So, play the game today and show how well a wizard, or witch, you are!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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