Magica X Magica drops on Google Play

Magica X Magica erapid games news

Most of the games nowadays tend to be very fun and provide you with a lot of excitement, but the reality is that there are a few titles here and there that manage to stand out thanks to their ideas and the way they manage some of the fundamental stuff.

Magica X Magica is surely such a game because it takes the whole idea of side scrolling shooters and it takes it to the next level in a very interesting and exciting way. Magica X Magica is a sad game, one that will most likely make you cry from time to time, because you need to save your friend which has been kidnapped by the foreign entities and forces. This is a game in which the beautiful art manages to combine seamlessly with the action packed gameplay in order to bring in front the ultimate action packed experience.

Magica X Magica erapid games news

This is an action packed game despite the sad theme, and your character can have 8 different weapons, which is quite interesting to say the least. Still, there are other items that you can take into account, such as the mighty bosses and the numerous challenging missions that allow you to fully test your abilities to the maximum.

Magica X Magica does a lot more than just bringing you a funny experience, instead it presents a very demanding, sometimes excruciating yet very fun action packed game that’s very rewarding.

Magica X Magica erapid games news

It’s nice to see such a game on Google Play, especially since it was just released recently, and we truly hope that the game will inspire more developers to create similar games. One can only hope that this will become a trend. You can grab Magica X Magica right away from Google Play!

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