Make Them Fight – fighting challenge

make them fight erapid games review

Make Them Fight – Games Review

Skill games are always about testing our limits and that is exactly what Make Them Fight provides you with. This game takes the original stickman concept, which is very simple to begin with, and it successfully combines it with other ideas in order to create a beautiful, one of a kind gameplay.

In Make Them Fight, all you need to do is to avoid the projectiles that are thrown by the other stickmen and get the highest score. The challenge in this game however comes from the fact that you will have to control 2 stickmen at the same time instead of a single one, something that certainly makes the game a lot harder. However, at some point as you play you will need to control 4 different stickmen, which will make it even harder to get a high result.

make them fight erapid games review

The game brings this problem right from the start. Instead of providing us with beginner level, you are placed right in the middle of the battle against a normal opponent. In Make Them Fight, dying is imminent so it won’t be long until you have to sacrifice your energy and press the screen relentlessly just to keep your stickman alive.

Make Them Fight comes with 4 game modes, which are normal, nightmare, hell and inferno. Each one of them is set to deliver a different experience, and there is always a much harder level of difficulty. The latter, named inferno is so hard that you won’t last for more than a few seconds, mainly because of the high projectile speed that can be proven damaging in the long run.

From a graphical standpoint the game fails to impress unfortunately, as it’s comprised only of a colorful background and black stickmen. Despite this, the title is one of the most appealing and interesting ones if you are into stranger, yet artistically beautiful games. Animations here are great, and they do look amazingly well. They are very important for the gameplay because even the slightest animation error might cause you to miss the target, and that is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

make them fight erapid games review

The sounds in Make Them Fight are minimal, just like the graphics, but this is not a bad thing. In fact, with nothing you can make something very beautiful and artistically sound, so it’s indeed astonishing to see how every element blends together in creating a very good experience!

Overall, we are impressed how good the Make Them Fight game actually is. Despite being far from an original idea, Make Them Fight does everything right and provides you with a great way to test your tapping skills. Strategy and commitment are important if you want to get a highest score, and thanks to this game you can play over and over again in order to get the best results.

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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