Mammoth Gravity Battles takes mammoths to space

Mammoth Gravity Battles erapid games news

In a gaming world where we want to see innovation continually, we finally got something we always wanted. That’s Mammoth Gravity Battles, a game that features UFOs which are piloted by wooly mammoths. This is a very original idea, we have to say, but at the same time it’s one that manages to bring in some great gameplay opportunities right off the bat.

The gameplay here is similar to Angry Birds, but this time you are using gravity sources that are pulling it from more than a single direction. It’s definitely an intriguing game but one that does bring in quite a lot of fun despite its very different premise, that’s for sure.

Mammoth Gravity Battles erapid games news

You do need to take into account numerous gravity fields, which include asteroids, wormholes as well as planets, stars and many others. All of these influence the game experience in one way or another, so you should definitely think about them as you play, since that is indeed a necessity.

The game does come with a 2D mode but at the same time it does include local multiplayer which makes it even more interesting. Not only that, but the included solo campaign has around 60 missions and it does include multiple weapons. They did include a cool physics mechanic here because plants do tend to break into smaller pieces, something that increases the overall realism and which makes the gameplay more immersive.

Mammoth Gravity Battles erapid games news

Overall, Mammoth Gravity Battles is surely a cool game to play. It’s now available on the Amazon App Store, and you ca download it for $1, so go ahead and give it a shot, as it’s well worth the asking price!

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Now also on Google Play

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    Mammoth Gravity Battles is also now available on the Google Play App Store.

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