Manuganu 2 – run for a friend!

Manuganu 2 erapid games review

Manuganu 2 – Games Review

Manuganu 2 by Alper Sarıkaya is back with more action-packed challenges and a whole new running adventure! This adrenaline-rushing, 3D side-scrolling and absolutely aesthetic game is sure to astonish you!

The story-line in this game involves two best friends, Daadi and Manuganu. On one fateful day, Daadi was captured by an evil fire monster, Goyakoka, while playing in the woods. Manuganu then sets out on an arduous journey to rescue his friend from the furthest corner of the Popama Mountains.

Unlike Temple Run or any other endless running game, Manuganu 2 is very different – It takes the endless part out from the running game! In this game, you’ll be controlling the boy, Manuganu, as he auto-runs across the screen in a, mainly, left-to-right direction. However, the game may occasionally ramp up the challenge, by inversing the direction of running during the game (you will be warned before this happens and the warning comes in the form of a blue-yellow mushroom).

Manuganu 2 erapid games review

As the boy runs, you will need to make the boy jump from platform to platform and to avoid dangers, like prickly cacti, balls of lava and various monsters, by tapping on the jump button. By double tapping on the jump button, you can even double jump up very steep cliffs. You can also get Manuganu to swing from rope to rope like Tarzan across a chasm and in later levels; he can also roll, fly and swim! Sometimes, Manuganu may even jump towards the screen and back into the background, fully utilising its 3D effect to create that wow factor!

I find this game interesting due to the fact that the game adds alternative routes for you to choose from, instead of forcing you to run in one predetermined path. In some cases, rather than using jump or double jump, you’ll need to use the halt feature in order to avoid dying. Of course, despite your best efforts, you’ll definitely die… a lot of times, I might add, but after numerous retries, you’ll soon get the hang of it and can get through those obstacles easily. Luckily, for you there’re many checkpoints so that you don’t have to start all over again if you’re killed halfway through the level.

In Manuganu 2, timing is everything! If you can complete a level within a given time limit you’ll be given a gold star. There are two other gold stars to achieve; namely one for collecting enough blue medallions (that you can use to download Manuganu 2 artwork) and another for collecting a certain number of red medallions (that you can use to download the game’s music), both of which will require well-timed jumps to achieve. These objectives may seem easy to complete, but trust me when I say getting 3 gold stars is not such a simple task. You’ll know when you play the game! Thankfully, the game is very undemanding – you can proceed to the next level even without any stars obtained on your previous level.

Manuganu 2 erapid games review

Not to mention, there are a total of four challenging environments to go through in Manuganu 2, namely the canyon, cliff, jungle and volcano environments. At the end of each environment, you’ll meet an epic boss. Since there are four environments, you’ll have to beat four epic bosses to complete the game!

All in all, Manuganu 2 is an exciting side-scrolling running game with various challenging levels and a very beautiful 3D environment. If you like games of this genre, then Manuganu 2 is one game that you mustn’t miss out on! Download it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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