Maritime Kingdom – new beautiful world

Maritime Kingdom erapid games news

The Age of Discovery has always been one of the best time periods to play a game in, especially one in which you need to create a city. Maritime Kingdom is a game that has been created by the devs of Tribez and Castlez, and it wants to bring you the ability to create your own miraculous city in a stunning region of the globe.

Maritime Kingdom is a game that manages to bring a mix between the city building and adventure, since it provides you with the ability to build up your fleet as well as gather the necessary resources while also being able to explore the game world, discover new places and engage in diplomatic relationships.

Maritime Kingdom erapid games news

The game offers everything from stunning graphics to more than 40 buildings that you can add in your city.

It’s important to note that Maritime Kingdom also allows you to create your own fleet, something that you are bound to appreciate for sure. Moreover, with more than 30 resource types of use, there are lots of things to trade on and with, so you are bound to create a stellar trading empire as long as you bring the best prices on the market.

Maritime Kingdom erapid games news

Is this game worth it? Judging on the graphics and the wonderful gameplay that it stands to provide, this is one promising game. It’s a free to play title, so it does have a wide range of in-app purchases that you can use in order to improve your gameplay experience, but you will be able to play the game without any hassle even if it will take longer to access those resources.

Still, releasing such a game free to play is a bold move and hopefully the developers will have a lot of success with the game, since it’s an amazing title!

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