Marvel Contest of Champions out now for Android and iOS

Marvel Contest of Champions erapid games news

How many times did we dream about being a superhero and having powers unlike any other.  With the new Marvel Contest of Champions game that just released on the iOS and Android platform, we can do that and so much more.

What makes Marvel Contest of Champions very interesting is the fact that we have access to many villains and heroes in the Marvel universe, but for the first time we have the opportunity to control them in battle.

Marvel Contest of Champions erapid games news

There are multiple challenges that you need to face in the game, as each competitor is different and because of that you will need to create strategies and see which one works and which doesn’t. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the fact that you will have an immense fun as you explore the massive tournaments and impressive locations.

You can collect, then level up and even manage a wide range of heroes in the Marvel universe, each one with its own set of powers and interesting moves. Of course, there are also numerous quests that you need to complete, and each one of them is highly interesting and implemented in a stellar way.

Marvel Contest of Champions comes with a HD video quality, which means that all battles will look stunning on your device, something that is to be expected from such a polished game.

Marvel Contest of Champions erapid games news

With numerous challenges and interesting characters to control, Marvel Contest of Champions successfully manages to bring you all the motivation you need in order to play and brawl for hours and hours. With so many villains and heroes, nothing is certain in the universe of Marvel Contest of Champions, and that is why you need to play it right now. No matter if you have an iOS or Android device, get the app now and start making your way to hero stardom!

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