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Mc Line – Games Review

Looking for something to perk up that brain of yours? Well, look no further that this unique and amazing puzzle game, Mc Line!

In this game, there are no tutorials to guide you, but thankfully, due to its simple controls, you can easily figure out how to play the game. To get the line moving after you’ve started up the game, just tap and hold to get the line to move upwards while releasing your hold will make the line drop downwards. However, if you think the game itself would be as easy as the controls… well, you’ll be in for a shock!

The objective of Mc Line is rather simple and straightforward as well. What you’ll need to do is to weave the line, or Mc Line, in between obstacles that litter the screen to get the line to the other side. You mustn’t hold too long to the point where your line will hit the ceiling of the playing field or release your hold for too long until the line drops into oblivion at the bottom.

Mc Line erapid games review

The game provides quite a range of tricky obstacles that you’ll have to circumvent with your line. The first level includes black circular obstacles that you’ll have to navigate through while the second level offers something new – it provides walls with just a narrow gap in them for your line to go through. There will also be tunnels that are filled with spiky extensions that you’ll have to carefully avoid. Eventually, as you head on to higher levels, you’ll encounter other obstacles and even a combination of all the obstacles, making the game a lot more challenging and fun!

How many obstacles you have to go through in order to complete a game? Well, the goal of each level is clearly stated at the top right corner of the screen. If the number is 12, this means you’ll have to get through 12 obstacles without hitting anything else before you can proceed to the next level. However, if you hit any obstacle, the ceiling or the bottomless ground, your Mc Line will disintegrate into thousands of tiny little pixels and you’ll have to start all over again. Thankfully, there aren’t any limits as to how many games you can play. So, if you want to play the game continuously for hours, well, it’s your choice!

Mc Line erapid games review

It’s also nice to see that the game provides different background sceneries for different levels of the game. Although the background image provided is very simplistic since the background mainly consists of the gradient of one colour, at least you won’t get bored seeing the same background over and over again! However, free-to-play players only get access to the first world. If you enjoy the game a lot, you might want to consider spending some real cash to get the extra worlds, in addition to giving the developers of the game a thumbs-up for the great work!

All in all, Mc Line is one unique and challenging puzzle game that will definitely provide you with hours of fun! With plenty of focus and concentration, you will be able to join Mc Line to explore the various worlds the game has to offer. Sounds like your type of fun? Well, play Mc Line now and experience the game for yourself!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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