Mental Hospital III – scary healing

mental hospital iii erapid games review

Mental Hospital III – Games Review

In order for a horror game to be intense, it has to be played from a first person point of view and during the night, as this is the best way to get the most out of the frightening atmosphere that is portrayed by this title.

Mental Hospital III is a first person horror game that tries to make good use of some great graphics in order to scare you as much as it possibly can. The game’s story is quite simple and, in our opinion, far from impressive, because you play the role of a person that tries to record a video of some special forces that raid a psychiatric hospital. However, during the night some bad things happen and you find yourself dealing with lots of supernatural events that will test your utmost limits!

As expected, the main purpose here is to try and escape the hospital alive, as fast as you can, otherwise you will have to support the idea of being trapped there for a very long time!

mental hospital iii erapid games review

Alongside its story, Mental Hospital III comes with an interesting interface and good gameplay that manage to create a scary atmosphere. The dark colors you encounter in most of the hospital’s rooms, as well as the tense moments definitely show you the true horrors in this game, and you will definitely enjoy them!

Moving in the game world is easy thanks to the great, responsive controls that make exploring the game world a sheer delight. Grabbing items from the world is fast and very simple, not to mention that spotting your easy is fast as well.

From time to time, you will encounter enemies and here is the situation in which you need to run as fast as possible. Sure, you can try and engage them, but this is far from being a good solution, instead running from the threats is much more helpful and doable in this regard.

The intense moments in this game are quite appealing and interesting to say the least, although the best moments in our opinion occur when you enter a new room, because you never know what lies beyond that door! This simple thing induces a frightening experience right from the start, one that manages to induce lot of scary experiences as you see fit.

mental hospital iii erapid games review

Graphically, Mental Hospital III isn’t perfect, in fact there are numerous moments in which you will experience visual tear and bugs. Still, the game world is designed nicely and in a frightening way, as it should be in a decent horror game!

Based on our experience with it, Mental Hospital III can be very scary, and it can literally bring you tense, scary moments very often. Thanks to multiple quests and a wide range of interesting things to do, Mental Hospital III manages to impress sometimes, but this is a game that’s mostly designed for hardcore horror fans!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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