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minecraft erapid games review

Minecraft Game Review

Minecraft is an indie game that has literally taken the gaming world by storm. With more than 50 million titles sold up to this point, this is the best indie game on the planet. The game allows you to explore a massive game world at your own pace, mine, craft tools or use your creativity to create anything. Available on multiple platforms, Minecraft can also be found on mobile devices in the form of Minecraft-Pocket Edition.

The Pocket Edition is similar to the desktop one, as it comes with two different modes, creative and survival. Each one of these brings its own set of challenges. The survival mode is really fun to play because here you can get the core experience of the game as you explore islands, avoid/kill monsters and mine, while the creative mode allows you to use your creativity in order to create beautiful works of art using the game’s blocks.

minecraft erapid games review

One of the major differences when compared with the desktop version is the control scheme. Here you can find directional arrows and a jump button that really work on a mobile device, and which allow you to move simply much faster than you would expect. The control scheme makes it easy to circle enemies during combat, but it also makes looking around a fun thing to do.

The game world is smaller when compared to the desktop counterpart, so the feeling of immersion is a little let down in this regard.

The gameplay is really fun, because you mine simply by tapping on items and holding your finger until the process is complete. Although this might feel a little awkward at times, it really works and you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Minecraft’s Creative mode has a different interface, but you can expect that because here you can access pretty much any item in the game.

minecraft erapid games review

If you can add multiple gamers on the same WI-FI network then you are in for a treat. Gamers can jump in and out of any world at any given time, without restrictions, and the experience of playing together with the mobile phones in hand, as you explore the world or create items is simply stunning.

The graphics are exactly as you would expect. Given its premise, the game looks great and you will certainly have a blast exploring the game’s massive world. Yes, it might not have impressive graphics, but it does provide a state of the art experience and that’s all that matters.

Some items from the desktop version, including numerous minerals and stones aren’t available in this version, so some might want to stick with the desktop counterpart.

However, if you are a fan of Minecraft and you want to play it while on the go, then Minecraft Pocket Edition provides you with the best exploration/mining experience that you can find on the market.

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10