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Mitosis: The Game – Games Review

Eat cells or die trying! In Mitosis: The Game, you’ll be playing the role of a newly divided cell with an overpowering hunger to grow! Wander through the vast white nothingness and consume genetic materials as well as small cells to absorb!

Ready to start chomping? Great! You’ll first need to select a game mode to play in. In Mitosis: The Game, you are given 2 types of online multiplayer games to play in, namely free for all whereby it’s every cell for itself, and team beta (“beta” as in “it is still in beta phase”) in which, you’ll be playing in a team with other players as you try to get your team score up to 5000 points before the other two teams managed to do so. But generally, in this game, your goal is to eat other cells and grow as big as you can!

To start feeding your hungry cell, you are given 3 different types of options at the settings menu to navigate and control your cell. The joystick mode allows you to tap and hold to visualise a virtual joystick to move your cell while the “tap to move” mode allows you to, well, tap to move! There is also an accelerometer option, whereby you can tilt your device to move your cell instead! There are other controls that you should know of in this game as well. You can double tap to separate your cell and even hold to expel mass in order to reduce the size of your cell! However, the controls are very hard to get a hang of and somehow your blob keeps expelling mass even though you just tapped for it to move.

Mitosis: The Game erapid games review

Furthermore, as you start out, your cell is rather small in size. Being small, you can easily outrun a bigger cell as long as you don’t run into a wall. Not to mention, you can also use the various black spikey splotches – the viruses – as cover or to set up an ambush! Naturally though, by feeding greedily, your cell will be able to grow up to immense proportions, however, there’s a disadvantage to being huge – your cell will move a lot slower and you’ll lose out on the various advantages that being small will get you. Thankfully, in Mitosis: The Game, you can solve these problems by separating your cell into 2 smaller cells… via mitosis (pun intended) or by expelling unwanted mass to gain more speed.

Moreover, if having a bland cell colour isn’t your idea of being unique, you could try signing into the game, by registering for the game first, to be able to personally customise your cell. Not everybody is artistic, so if you prefer not to customise your cell yourself, Mitosis: The Game also provides quite a lot of cell skins that you can unlock and use, including unique logos, like Converse, or even country flags.

Mitosis: The Game erapid games review

The only major downside in this game is the server problems. You’ll be experiencing plenty of random disconnections as well as persistent latency issues that drastically lower the entertainment value of the game. If the developers could fix those problems, this game will definitely be loads more fun!

In short, Mitosis: The Game is a fun and unique online multiplayer game that allows you to play a cell with the sole mission to gobble up as many genetic materials and smaller cells as you can in order to grow into the largest, and baddest, cell on the block! Do you think you have what it takes to survive as a cell? Well, play now and find out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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