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Mmm Fingers erapid games review

Mmm Fingers – Games Review

Many games nowadays tend to have a very hard premise and lots of buttons that you need to press. However, most of the time all we want is a button mashing, funny game that we can play when we get bored. Mmm Fingers fits the bill exactly, as it offers a very simple gameplay with some simple ideas, all of them successfully combined and offering one crazy addictive experience.

Mmm Fingers doesn’t have any story, instead you get only a main premise, and that is to get as far as you can in the game world. The way you do that is you guide your finger on the screen while avoiding monsters. That’s all there is to it when it comes to the game premise and gameplay, but rest assured that while everything sounds simple, the reality is that the game is very hard and quite intense as well, as you will see when you play!

We have to give the developers props for creating a title which is so simple to play, because you just need to touch the screen. Of course, because of its simplicity, the game does fall into obscurity from time to time, since you can easily get bored.

Mmm Fingers erapid games review

Lifting your finger as you play will cause you to lose, so you need to make sure that you keep it on your screen for as long as you can, while also avoiding the monsters. In true mobile game fashion, the game starts of easily and as time passes you can immediately see that more and more, larger monsters will start to attack you, something that’s does make the gameplay feel fresh and engaging!

There’s also a motivation behind the game, because it includes leaderboards, so you will always try to beat the scores that your friends have gotten. Be it score or time, these are great ways to provide more gameplay time, and Mmm Fingers does a great job with this.

We also liked the fact that Mmm Fingers comes with numerous achievements and a great set of game center actions, as these do add up a little something to the game! Mmm Fingers also lacks in-app purchases, something that many of us seem to dislike nowadays.

Mmm Fingers erapid games review

From a graphical standpoint, Mmm Fingers looks very appealing, and even though the graphics are simple and there’s not that much to see as you play, the game seems to get away with it because of its simplicity. Monsters have a funny design, and the fact that they appear randomly within the level does add up a lot to the experience.

Mmm Fingers is far from being a complex game, but as a time waster it successfully manages to do its job properly. It’s funny and a great companion for those long drives! Check it out, you will like it for sure!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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