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MMX Racing – Games Review

Monster Truck racing can be a very interesting, intense experience, especially if it takes place on a course that is filled with jumps and dangers. MMX Racing ups the ante as it allows you to combine that experience with intense graphics, one of a kind jumps as well as some intense, over the top experiences that you will enjoy for sure.

The main idea behind the game is very simple, you need to get at the end of the course as fast as possible in order to win. One thing makes the experience a little unappealing though, and that is the size of the trucks. These are way too big for the screen, something that does make the game experience feel a little unappealing to say the least.

MMX Racing erapid games review

You won’t race on your own though, instead the game will provide you with an opponent that needs to be engaged and defeated as fast as possible. The high amount of intensity that the game provides is quite unique and very appealing, something that you will definitely enjoy in your quest to become the best monster truck racer out there.

MMX Racing is all about the intense gameplay that is provides, and rest assured that this is a title that has it all. From intense jumps to huge obstacles and a great AI player, you will always try to ease on the throttle as you try to get things under your control.

Of course, MMX Racing also brings you a lot of customization options. You just need to select the car you want, which can be a muscle car, jeep or SUV, among many other categories, and then upgrade or customize it according to your needs.

Tuning the car is by far one of the most fun and extraordinary experiences that you can do in this game outside of driving, and we recommend you to pay lots of attention when it comes to the way you tune your car, as this does make a difference in such regard.

MMX Racing erapid games review

MMX Racing brings a ton of opponent types, as well as 7 different event types and 15 tracks. All of these combined offer you with a lot of variety that you would expect from a racing game. But the best thing about the game still remains the gameplay that is explosive and filled with action packed moments.

Graphically, MMX Racing brings some intense visuals and a great car design that you will appreciate for sure. The game’s courses look very good and the car animations are also very impressive as well. Everything combines seamlessly into a stellar experience that you will enjoy.

The game is filled with multiplayer competitions, car crushes and drifting, so you will definitely appreciate all the content presented here. You’ll enjoy MMX Racing and all that is has to offer, so check it out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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