Modern Combat 5 brings support for the new iPhones

modern combat 5 erapid games news

Modern Combat 5 is by far one of the most interesting games we can play right now, since it basically brings non-stop action on our phones or tablets. The high amount of realism, state of the art gameplay as well as numerous other additions simply make it one of the best action games on mobile, so being able to play it on the latest technologically advanced devices is a visual feast.

Although the game has received a much needed update last week, the support for the new Apple iPhone versions wasn’t implemented yet, but thankfully this came with the new update that just came a few days ago. This update comes with a visual revamp as it simply makes the whole experience a lot more interesting than you might expect, since everything looks a lot better. Even on the iPhone 6, which has a much lower resolution than the 6 Plus you can clearly see the quality difference, but you do need the 6 Plus in order to get the best results, and that’s definitely a major deal.

modern combat 5 erapid games news

What we really like about Modern Combat 5 is the fact that it lacks IAP’s, so it’s one of those games that place the gamer experience higher than anything else, and nothing can make us more happy than this!

In conclusion, we think that the addition of support for the new iPhone models to the Modern Combat 5 game was indeed something that should have happened a few weeks ago, but now is still a very good time. The improved visuals breathe new life into the game, and we definitely feel that the game is well worth it now, even more than ever before. If you are a major fan of the Modern Combat series and you own an iPhone 6, then this is the best time to enter the Modern Combat 5 game!