Monster Dash receives Ghostbusters themed update

Monster Dash is a game that was created by Halfbrick a while ago and we prized it for being one of the most interesting experiences in recent days. However, it seems that the developer wants us to have an even better experience, and this is why he has created a great new update for the game.

Called appropriately the Ghostbusters update, this new set of changes made to the game brings basically a ton of neat, exciting Ghostbusters themed content.

monster dash erapid games news

This time, we get to explore the roofs of New York as one of the characters in the movie, while using the Proton pack as a main weapon. What can be more interesting for a Ghostbusters fan that being able to kill those nasty ghosts in video game form? Let me tell you: Nothing!

Monster Dash does an amazing job in bringing the Ghostbusters theme into the spotlight. You can unlock new items and explore a wide range of interesting enemies, not to mention the bosses that can be found here and there as well.

With this new update, Monster Dash also receive a whole new pack of daily events, as well as a massive and exciting weapon upgrade, among many others.

monster dash erapid games news

Thanks to the new Ghostbusters update, Monster Dash does a great job in providing you with the much needed epic feel you wanted. Monster Dash on its own was a great game to begin with, but with a simple Ghostbusters touch this title just became much more than that. It’s nice to see how Monster Dash is turning out, and hopefully we can get more updates like this in the future.

You can play Monster Dash with its new juicy update right now by accessing the link below!

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