Monster Heroes on Android

Monster Heroes erapid games news

If there is one thing that stands in the human nature at all times, then that is definitely the ability to fight. Being able to always engage others and arise victorious is a great and exciting challenge that we all want to overcome. Monster Heroes is a newly launched Android title that has been created with this simple idea at heart, and it brings us the perfect brawler that we always wanted on mobile.

Monster Heroes is a massive game right from the start, since it includes around 100 different monsters and even more will be added via the update. The idea is that you engage monsters in one on one battles and use your abilities in order to defeat them. All monsters have their own elemental power, so all you have to do is to find the weak spot of your enemy and take advantage of that as you arise victorious.

Monster Heroes erapid games news

Battles are filled with strategic options and lots of action, but in Monster Heroes you can also find a variety of monsters to unlock at all times and the ability to evolve your monsters into even more powerful creatures as you play. Not only that, but the attacking is done fast via tapping too.

In Monster Heroes you can explore a large game world and engage the monsters in battle, which is cool. There are in-app purchases in Monster Heroes, but as far as the developer says, they don’t affect the gameplay at all.

Monster Heroes erapid games news

Monster Heroes is one of the most exciting additions to the Google Play rooster, and since it’s a free to play title, there’s no reason not to check it out. In fact, this is a game that not only promises a lot, but which definitely manages to deliver quite a lot too. Check it out, it’s free!

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