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monster legacy erapid games review

Monster Legacy – Game Review

A successful mobile game needs to always be addictive and enticing for all its users. This is the exact case of Monster Legacy which is a game really similar to Pokemon in some regard, because you will capture and use in combat more than 100 different types of cute monsters.

Monster Legacy comes with a really nice map to explore, tons of quests and battles you need to go through in order to evolve your monsters. What’s more, in this game you also get the opportunity to expand your base, gain special moves for your characters and so on. At its core, the game is a really fun dungeon crawling experience where you guide your characters through the game world in order to defeat powerful enemies. There are lots of dungeons in the lands of Arborea and each one contains numerous enemies to tackle with. One of the most important ones is the Evil Lord Ardur which commands an evil army whose sole purpose is to destroy the land. Thankfully, you are the one to stop it.

monster legacy erapid games review

The game comes with a tutorial which is greatly created and quite in-depth, showcasing the most important ways to play and defeat your enemies. You will have to select the desired character and name it, then you will have to complete quests.

What we found really interesting is the fact that you can actually swap between monsters if one of them has a low health or if you want to choose one that inflicts more damage. As expected, the basic attacks you can perform are quite disappointing, but the special moves and powerful attacks are really efficient, so it’s well worth to use them as often as possible.

You capture the monsters with the help of traps and then you can train them according to your needs. The wooden trap brings a smaller success rate, while the deluxe one is a little more appropriate.

Monster Legacy does have some problems when it comes to the in-game currency which is rarely enough, so it basically requires you to play real money quite often, which is a disappointment for some players. You do earn the currency when you play for free, but it takes a lot more time unfortunately.

Monster Legacy erapid games review

Alongside combat, in Monster Legacy you can also create a base, which is called a Ranch. Here you have the option to create buildings and shops that will give you coins, which can be used in improving the abilities of your monsters or characters. The Ranch is also the home of monsters that you don’t want to take in your party.

Monster Legacy has some really nice visuals and the animations in here are stunning. The soundtrack is really fun as well and you will certainly have a lot of fun while listening to it.

In conclusion, Monster Legacy is quite an interesting game that offers a lot of unique gameplay opportunities. Being able to catch and train your own monsters is basically the heart and soul of the game, so if you are a Pokemon fan or you simply want to play a funny game, then this title is definitely good for you!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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