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Monsterbusters: Match 3 Puzzle erapid games review

Monsterbusters: Match 3 Puzzle – Games Review

With so many match-3 puzzle games out there, Monster Busters certainly stands out as something special in its genre due to its exciting boss battles. After completing the tutorial, you will begin climbing up the ladder to the top of a tower by completing a number of match-3 levels on each floor.

The gameplay in MonsterBusters is pretty much the same as any other match-3 game. To make a match, you’ll need at least 3 pieces of the same type to clear the pieces from the board. During the game, you can try to match 5 or more monsters either vertically, horizontally, T-shaped or L-shaped that will result in special items appearing on the board. One particularly helpful item is the magic hammer, which will clear all of the same type of monster on the board. Mega bombs will obliterate whole rows or columns of monsters instead.

To complete each stage, you have to do a certain task with a limited number of moves, much like the gameplay in the highly popular game, Candy Crush Saga. These tasks are different at every stage and can range from achieving a certain score, getting rid of a particular monster, killing bosses, saving gingerbreads by breaking ice prisons and so on. Do note that even if you have a remarkable high score for a level, but if you failed to complete the task at hand, you will fail the level.

Monsterbusters: Match 3 Puzzle erapid games review

Besides tasks, each level contains 3 gold stars for you to earn as well! You can always go back to attempt to get more gold stars as many times as you want. But well, a tip if you may – if you want 3 gold stars, you’ll have to clear the stage with the minimum of moves. To do so, it’s best to start solving the puzzle from the bottom up since the possibility that you will trigger a chain reaction there is much higher. It’ll be easier for you to complete the requirements of each assigned task as well!

There are over 600 floors in the tower and each floor has 1 to 3 stages for you to clear. You’ll get a bonus if you somehow managed to clear a stage with extra moves. However, if you failed to clear a stage, then you’ll lose a life. Of course, you can buy extra lives at the store. You can also give to or receive from your friends free lives. Thankfully, there are power-ups to help you complete a level more easily. These power-ups, include mega bombs, spinning discs, extra moves and so on, by using the gold you’ve collected during the game or using real money. They will help tremendously in allowing you to crack some of the toughest levels in the game. Also, don’t forget to share the fun of playing with friends and keep track of their progress with scoreboards and rankings too!

Monsterbusters: Match 3 Puzzle erapid games review

Graphically, the really colourful monsters are attractive. The simple repetitive tune is also quite catchy but after some time, I would rather turn it off. The only major annoyance of the game is that you’ve to be online to play. That is unfortunate, but it can’t be helped I guess.

The challenges are different in each stage, making the game missions interesting, competitive and diverse. Level variation is one of the top in the genre in MonsterBusters. Fans of match-3 puzzle games will definitely want to play this game and with over 1900 stages to clear it should be in your mobile device for quite a long time!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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