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monument valley erapid games review

Monument Valley – Game Review

Unlike many other gaming genres, puzzle games haven’t evolved that much,a s they always face us in front of some incredible challenges. What did evolve though is the graphics and the way developers bring us the experience, and Monument Valley is a prime example of that.

monument valley erapid games review

Set in a mystical world, the game is focused on manipulating the level architecture and guiding a small princess to the end of the level. Monument Valley was created with an amazing aesthetical design in mind, and you can clearly see that from the stat. The game comes with 10 different levels and it’s quite short, but the whole appeal doesn’t come from its length, instead it comes from the presentation and exploration factor. Guiding the princess through all the large monuments in the game is pure fun and you don’t know what to expect next.

Thanks to the amazing geometry, it will be hard to find the hidden paths in the levels which lead to interesting bonuses. Additionally, we enjoy the way this game adds optical illusions that are specifically created to outsmart you. You will certainly stop for a little while and try to look at the whole world, that’s how impressive it is. Thanks to the minimalist design used there, the temples, palaces and other locations are stunning, and you can’t really say that the whole level design is hand crafted.

monument valley erapid games review

Moreover, the gameplay is quite interesting as well, because you can twist, reshape and drag the world in any way you want. This makes it easy even for non-gamers to learn how to play, which is certainly great.

The audio is also important in the game, because thanks to the sounds in the game you can manipulate the world according to your own needs. This is why we found that it’s recommended to play the game using headphones, as it makes the game experience a lot more immersive than you might expect.

The game receives periodical updates and bug fixes, as well as new levels. Monument Valley is certain a one of a kind game, as few others can rival its intricate gameplay, unique style and beautiful game mechanics. All of these combined offer a very interesting experience which is certainly amazing.

monument valley erapid games review

Despite being minimalist, Monument Valley brings a great appeal to gamers that want a fun, puzzling game experience. We recommend it as being one of the best puzzle games on the Android platform, thanks to the amazing level architecture and interesting game mechanics. Yes, it might be short and with few levels, but once you get into this game, you simply can’t put it down, that’s why you do need to take it for a spin right now. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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