Motion Tennis Cast brings Wii like tennis without the need of a console

We all know how fun it was to play tennis on a Wii console, but some clever developers have managed to create a new game that runs and mirrors the gameplay on Smart TV without the need of a console. This new game is called Motion Tennis Cast and it manages to provide a wide broad of opportunities that you simply couldn’t find on the market.

Simply put, Motion Tennis Cast brings a multitude of tennis games, players and courts which you can peruse at all times, but the best part about it is that the game can also be played online. Of course, you can use your smartphone as the tennis rocket, something that manages to enrich the game experience and make it shine to be honest.

Motion Tennis Cast erapid games news

According to Motion Tennis Cast developers, there are also numerous types of AI opponents, although the main challenge comes from facing real life players. There are also achievements integrated in Motion Tennis Cast, all of which can easily be tracked at your own convenience!

Motion Tennis Cast was created with the main idea of burning calories through fun and excitement. It’s a very interesting, although quite demanding game that allows you to perform sports while in front of your HDTV, but at the same time you also learn how to play tennis better, so there are tons of benefits coming from playing this game alone.

Motion Tennis Cast erapid games news

In addition, Motion Tennis Cast has support for a second screen, and it also includes dynamic cameras that enrich the user experience at all times and make it a lot more immersive.

To sum up, Motion Tennis Cast came out in an unexpected fashion and it manages to stand out through its very interesting features. It might not be the total Wii replacement, but if you want to play tennis on your TV without a console, this is the best game to check out!

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