Mushboom – Mushroom Madness

Mushboom erapid games review

Mushboom – Games Review

Do you hate your office job, are bored out of your mind and wish you were somewhere else? Well, Fukko, the green imp, feels the same way too and thus, he leaped out of his office window (Readers, do not try this at your office!) to chase his wildest dreams in this exciting mix of classic platformer and endless runner game, Mushboom!

To play, you’ll need to learn the controls first! The controls are pretty basic – the left and right movement keys on left side of the screen while the jump button is on right side of the screen. The gameplay feels a tad bit like Mario due to its platform layout as well as its “jump on the enemy’s head to knock it down” feature

In this game, you start off by controlling a very stressed up Fukko. So, as he ventures across the city streets, to collect mushrooms to eat and to relax while dodging dangers and obstacles along the way. Enemies, like gnomes, can be knocked down with a good jump on the head while moving obstacles, like steamrollers, you’ll just need to avoid. Furthermore, the more mushroom you collect, the faster the mushroom bar will fill up.

Mushboom erapid games review

However, the mushroom bar drains off in time and thus, you’ll have to be quick enough to get Fukko his next mushroom fix. You can also drink coffee, which you can purchase at the shop, to freeze the mushroom bar. You can even get more mushrooms by breaking open crates by jumping on them as well as using keys that can be bought from the shop to open vaults if you found any. Once Fukko’s mushroom bar is filled, you’ll be brought to Fukko’s dream world! Getting enough mushroom to go into the dream world is the main objective of any ‘day’ (level of the game).

You’ll notice that Fukko looks considerably happier in his dream world, so much that he sprout out a rainbow from his back like a cape – very much like what the infamous “nyan cat” has. However, his big angry boss is chasing after him and you’ll need to help Fukko to avoid his boss!

In this world, the laws of physics no longer apply and thus, the controls are different here. All the buttons provided in the real world are removed and instead, you’ll tap anywhere on the screen to make Fukko jump. Since gravity is not an issue here, you can also get Fukko to float by tapping and holding your finger on the screen. Once Fukko dies here, you’ll nee to start again from the real world. In addition, by getting into the dream world, you will unlock the next day’s puzzle (new level).

Mushboom erapid games review

There are also missions that you’ll have to complete in order to level up. Some examples include running certain meters in the dream world or killing an X number of gnomes. Considering that you’ll be playing through the same levels quite some time… at least until you get into dream world and move on to a new level, Mushboom provides several different layouts for each level so that the gameplay will remain fresh and exciting.

At the shop, you can purchase many tools, such as coffee; costumes for Fukko and buy more mushrooms too! There are achievements that you can acquire and a leaderboard to see how you fair against other players in the game!

In short, Mushboom is a thrilling platform-based endless runner game that allows office workers, who feel trapped in their jobs, to break free from their daily frustrations and constrains. Play it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 6.5/10

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