Mushroom Wars: Space comes to Google Play

Mushroom Wars is an interesting series since it allows you to control an army of mushrooms in a variety of situations, as you complete missions. This time, with Mushroom Wars: Space you will be able to protect your planet against a wide range of interesting aliens.

The game does have a story and it will resume exactly where the previous title left off, but there are lots of new additions that make the title cool and truly interesting, we have to say that. You get flying saucers, numerous alien types and a lot of other cool stuff.

Mushroom Wars Space erapid games news

The battle mode in this game usually requires you to either attack or defend strategic points, which can be armories or towers, but most of the time there will be quite a lot of objectives that you need to pull off in order to win.

In Mushroom Wars: Space you can find a multiplayer component which is really nice, but at the same time you have a massive set of 40 levels in singleplayer as well. More than 30 maps can be found in multiplayer, and you can rest assured that you will love every moment of it, guaranteed.

Mushroom Wars Space erapid games news

There are some cool mechanics to be found here as well, since the game does focus on strategic resource management, but at the same time it also brings in challenges created specifically for a variety of skill levels, so basically anyone can enjoy the title.

If this sounds good to you, we recommend you to check out Mushroom Wars: Space right now, just follow the Google Play link below and you will love the results guaranteed!

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