Must Deliver – Race with the Zombie

Must Deliver – Games Review

World war Z is actually here and, thankfully for the people in this addictive retro arcade game, the scientists managed to synthesise a cure! However, they need someone to be the delivery guy and send the cure to other pockets of survivors… and this is where you come in!

In Must Deliver, although the delivery guy will autorun once the game starts, you will have to control the delivery guy by pressing and holding on the screen. You can make him move left, right, up or down using your finger to help him dodge zombies, who are trying to eat his brains, as he runs to his destinations! The delivery guy somehow also has mad “ninja skills”, but in order to use his super moves, he has to collect balls of energy that are scattered on the road he is running on. Once you’ve collected 3 balls of energy, you just need to release your finger from the screen to activate it.

Like most endless running game, Must Deliver offers many different characters that you can purchase using real money (around $1 each). In fact, there are 41 characters in total, including characters like the mighty warrior princess; renowned pirate, Blackbeard; martial artist, Jack Wu; gun-slinging outlaw and more! Different characters have different super moves and the accompanying effects as well! For instance, Jack Wu’s super move is called the dragon storm while the outlaw uses the duel shooter super move.

Must Deliver erapid games review

You can also upgrade your super move using in-game coins you’ve earned from playing so it’ll be even more super! However, upgrading super move is very expensive as you need thousands of coins while you probably can only earn tens of coins per game. This is because every delivery you managed to make will reward you with 10 coins only. If you charged up your super move and use it to kill zombies, well, you can add 1 bonus coin per zombie you kill to the final total. In other words, earning coins in Must Deliver will be admittedly grindy.

Not to mention, the game throws quite a variety of zombies at you as well. Some are easier to dodge as long as you don’t get surrounded by them while some are a lot tougher to avoid. There are slow but bulky zombies that can block off your path as well as wiry and really fast zombies that seem to appear right in front of you out of nowhere! It is very challenging and can even be frustrating for some. However, every time you restart the game, the number of zombies and when they come after your guy are exactly the same, so you can predict when they will come. Once you get used to the rhythm of the game, you can do much better than in your first 10 or so initial attempts.

Must Deliver erapid games review

If you did well in a game, feel free to share your high score and let your friends know that you’ve beaten them! You can also check out your rank on the leaderboard to see who the best zombie killer in this game is! There are also up to 32 achievements that you can earn!

All in all, Must Deliver is an exciting and addictive endless running game that has a cool zombie theme, an interesting story to back it up and nice retro graphics! To drop off the packages containing the cure to other survivors beyond the gate, you will have to help the delivery guy survive the zombie onslaught. So, can you deliver? Play the game to find out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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