Necro Phase Free – Zombie on the Rise

Necro Phase Free erapid games review

Necro Phase Free – Games Review

Death is the final destination of life… that is what the nameless character in the game thought so until the zombies came knocking on his door! Can help him survive the zombie onslaught in this challenging arcade survival game, Necro Phase Free?

Necro Phase Free only offers 1 game mode – the story mode, whereby you’ll need to help the character to escape from his zombie-invaded home and town. Each stage in the story mode contains several levels and each level is designed around a certain location. You will need to kill the required number of zombies to move on to the next level.

To survive in this game, you’ll have to hold and slide your character across the screen to avoid from being attacked by zombies. To shoot or attack, you’ll have to tap on one of the attack buttons on the right side of the screen. The 3 attack buttons correspond to the 3 different types of weapons, namely melee, pistol and heavy (like SMGs and shotguns) that you should have. However, since this is the free version of the game, you’ll start off with only a melee weapon (a baseball bat) and a pistol to fend off your zombie attackers!

Necro Phase Free erapid games review

Whacking zombies with a bat can be fun… only if you’re not taking too much damage in return! This is not the case in Necro Phase Free. In fact, you will soon realise that trying to kill zombies in melee means that you’ll be accumulating quite a lot of damage that you have no easy way to heal. Yes, the game does drop painkillers and first aid kits now and then, but they are too few and rare in between. If you tried going full melee, your character will probably die off after killing around 2 to 6 zombies.

Therefore, in Necro Phase Free, your pistol should be one of your most valued possessions. However, due to the limited ammo that you can collect from dead zombies (the drop rate fluctuates rather drastically), it is pretty much inevitable that your character will die pretty fast… unless you’re lucky in getting much needed heals or ammo. The best way to survive I’ve discovered is to alternate between melee and shooting as well as plenty of hit-and-runs.

Moreover, to earn any of the cash you’ve accumulated in the game, you actually have to finish playing all the levels in a stage, and if your character dies in between levels, you will not earn a single (cash) note! Not to mention, there is no level selection in this game, so if you die, you’ll have to start from scratch! This technically means that cash is almost impossible to earn in this game.

Necro Phase Free erapid games review

If you somehow managed to get your hands on some cash, you can head over to the shop to buy better weapons. To upgrade your character though, you’ll have to die in a game before you can access the interface. Here, you can upgrade your character’s health, defence, agility, accuracy and strength, provided that you have the skill points (and how do you earn skill points? No idea!), of course! Different attributes contribute to different stats. For example, by upgrading agility, you will be increasing your melee damage while if you increase accuracy, your pistol damage will be increased instead.

In short, Necro Phase Free is a rather poorly-done demo version (It is not “free-to-play”, in the usual sense) of the actual Necro Phase game that may actually be much more fun to play. It is designed for you to play test the game and is not something that you can play for any extended duration of time.

e-Rapid Games rate: 4/10

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