Ninja Kid Run Free – Beware of the Dog!

Ninja Kid Run Free erapid games review

Ninja Kid Run Free – Games Review

Can’t get enough of Temple Run or Subway Surfer? Well, you’ve got to try out this amazing and free-to-play endless running game, Ninja Kid Run Free!

Help the poor ninja kid run away from the very nasty dog chasing after him by leaping over or rolling under obstacles, destroy pots and rolling barrels with his shuriken, jump onto trampolines as well as hop on and off from long carriages!

Like any endless running game, the controls in Ninja Kid Run Free are very similar… conventional even! The ninja kid will auto-run once you hit that start button. You can swipe left or right to change lanes – there are 3 lanes to run on in the game, by the way. When you encountered a low-lying obstacle, you’ll need to leap over it by swiping upwards or at least change lanes to avoid it. The same case happens if you went face-to-face with a high obstacle with a gap underneath. You can get the kid to roll under the obstacle by swiping downwards. If you somehow missed out a leap or a roll, your ninja kid will slam right into the obstacle and the dog will corner him while barking furiously, in effect, ending your game.

Ninja Kid Run Free erapid games review

There are also other items in the game that certainly spice up the game. For instance, being a ninja, ninja kid has an endless stash of shuriken hidden in the folds of his outfit. When you encounter rolling barrels or pots that are blocking your way, you can tap on these items in order to get the ninja kid to throw his throwing stars at them. If your aiming is off, the ninja kid will smash into these items and slow down… possibly due to injury. This will enable the aggressive dog to catch up, but it is not yet close enough to catch the boy. The game gives you another chance to salvage your run!

Sometimes, you may also encounter trampolines that allow your ninja kid to leap higher to get onto bridges or hand-carried carriages of the ancient times. The game starts off slow and as you progress, the game starts to pick up pace. Don’t forget to collect as many coins as you can along the way! There may be times when you will get to collect boosts, such as super fly, which will allow your kid to fly, coin magnet and invincibility, as well! If you need more coins, there are missions for you to complete as well!

Ninja Kid Run Free erapid games review

These coins can then be used at the in-game shop to purchase new characters, single-use boosts and boost upgrades. However, not all items are available for in-game money. For example, only 3 out of 18 characters can be bought using coins. Not to mention, all the cash characters, like Iron Ninja, have super abilities, and if you’re interested in buying… well, boy, will you be shocked by the price! You can buy a triple A game from Steam at the price of a single new avatar!

The most unique part in this game is the adorable pets. After you get your first pet, it will fly along with the ninja kid as he runs. This pet provides a nice passive boost that provides a 2x score multiplier. You can have up to 5 pets at a time and you can buy more pet eggs using in-game coins.

Ninja Kid Run Free is a fun endless running game that may bring to mind Subway Surfer and Temple Run. If you enjoyed those games, then you will surely be entertained with this one!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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