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Ninja Up! erapid games review

Ninja Up! – Games Review

How high can your ninja go? Ninja up! by Gameloft is an action and reflex game about a ninja jumping as high as he can. If we call Temple Run an endless runner, then I’d call Ninja Up! an endless jumping game. It’s kind of cute and addictive – and, best of all it is a free-to-play game without any in-app purchases. Of course you’ll have to bear some adverts popping up once in a while and those small adverts at the top of the screen that won’t interfere with your little ninja’s quest to reach greater heights!

In this game, you play the role of a little blue-robed ninja, who for some unknown reasons has to jump as far into the air as his little legs (and your line-drawing skills) will take him. When you start a round of Ninja up!, your new ninja pal automatically begins jumping. You’ll then need to swipe across the screen is to draw a rope-like line, which functions like some sort of a 2D trampoline, for him to jump on. The shorter the line you draw, the higher he’ll jump. The shortest possible line will even send your little ninja rocketing into the air!

Ninja Up! erapid games review

The ninja begins his jumping journey on a city sidewalk, but you can try to make him jump upwards very high into the stratosphere. However, life’s not that easy for the ninja. There are many obstacles along his upward journey, like birds, cranes, other rival ninjas, UFOs and so on. It can be difficult trying to avoid hitting a bird or smashing your head on an overhead crane. Of course the most difficult obstacle of all is gravity; as the saying goes ‘what goes up must come down’. So if your ninja failed to land on a drawn rope-line midway during his upward journey, then he’ll splatter his brains all over the sidewalk down below.

Thus, one word of advice? Try drawing the rope-lines nearer to the ninja. It helps to control his jump. If you draw the rope-lines at an angle, your ninja will jump; hit the side of the screen and ricochets until he loses momentum. Therefore, by angling your jump you can avoid an early demise like smashing your head on a crane.

Ninja Up! erapid games review

Once you obtained a high score that you think is unbeatable, feel free to brag about it on social network sites… you know you want to! Furthermore, you can even compete with your friends in this game, so you can show your friends who the ultimate jumping ninja is!

In summary, Ninja Up! is certainly a fun and challenging game that is perfect for those little idle moments in life. Learning how to move your ninja around obstacles needs quick drawing reflexes on your part. Not to mention, although the ninja graphically looks kind of blocky, the graphics lends a nice charm to the game. The game is also presented in a whimsical tone, which will probably give you a couple of unexpected, short barks of laughter as your poor ninja meet his demise in varying ways. If you would like to enjoy something casual and fun, Ninja Up! should be among your top choices for sure!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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