Nitro Nation Racing receives a nifty new update for mobile

Nitro Nation Racing erapid games news

Nitro Nation Racing is known for being one of the best drift racing games that can be found right now on the market. However, the great thing about this game is that its developers are continually trying to improve it by adding a variety of new and exciting features at all times.

This time is no different, as Nitro Nation Racing has just received a massive, interesting update that allows us to enjoy the adrenalin filled racing experience even more.

Nitro Nation Racing erapid games news

In this new update for Nitro Nation Racing, which is quite large to be honest, we can access a mechanic where we can design or upgrade the blueprints we want without restrictions.

Another interesting change in the Nitro Nation Racing mechanics is that the upgrades are performed immediately and they do not cost anything at all. Moreover, if you have a blown engine, then the repair for that will also be performed instantly, although this time there will be a cost involved. Both these repairs can be done on the fly and do not require a mechanic, which is really cool.

If you are tired of your own car and want to get a new one, you can trade the car for a booster package that is offered totally random, cash you can use to purchase the new care or you can receive an upgrade kit for the racing class cars.

Nitro Nation Racing erapid games news

No matter what upgrade you want to receive, the reality is that Nitro Nation Racing certainly provides you with a ton of content to peruse this time, and if you add that to the massive world already available in Nitro Nation Racing, you can see that the game is transforming into quite some treat. Check it out, it’s one update you do not want to miss.